Why did we start London Cannabis Clinic?

The London Cannabis Clinic is part of the London Pain Clinic, a private clinic dedicated to providing effective pain relief to patients across London and the UK. Since medicinal cannabis was legalised in the UK in 2018, the London Cannabis Clinic was established to offer specialist pain relief to patients suffering from a wide range of medical conditions.

The principles of the London Cannabis Clinic are founded on years of research and science which show how effective medicinal cannabis and cannabinoids can be when used to treat pain stemming from a wide range of ailments including neck and back pain, musculoskeletal problems, fibromyalgia, and nerve pain.

A team of compassionate, experienced pain doctors

The London Cannabis Clinic is run by a team of highly experienced and compassionate pain doctors who have worked for years with patients suffering from chronic pain that doesn’t respond to traditional medical treatments.

Frustrated and concerned by the number of patients across the UK that we see who are in significant pain every day with no viable pain relief, we established The London Cannabis Clinic to bring relief to sufferers and their families who have tried everything else. Medicinal cannabis has time and time again proved to provide effective pain relief when other drugs have failed.

Despite being fully legal, many doctors in private clinics and GP surgeries across the UK are extremely reluctant to prescribe medical cannabis even to patients with severe pain. This reluctance, largely due to the stigma that surrounds cannabis and the politicisation of its legalisation, means that patients across the UK are suffering unnecessarily.

Tailored medical advice and prescriptions

No two patients are ever the same, and this is reflected in our highly individual approach to patient assessment and treatment.

Combining specialist knowledge of medicinal cannabis and pain management, our doctors offer all of our patients tailored, one-to-one medical advice and guidance. We carry out in-depth consultations to understand the type of pain that our patients are suffering from and recommend the most effective type of medicinal cannabis for the individual.

It’s the goal of our team here at the London Cannabis Clinic to help patients suffering from chronic pain to live happier, healthier lives. With our help, our patients can flourish in their personal and professional lives and enjoy new and old hobbies once again, free from the burden of pain.