Monthly Archive: July 2023

A Fresh Look at the Efficacy of Medical Cannabis in Cancer Pain Management

Researchers from international institutions have concluded that medicinal cannabis could potentially play a significant role in alleviating cancer-related pain, based on findings from a study involving 358 patients. The research, with contributors from McGill University,…
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Can Cannabis Help With Cancer Pain? Here's What We Know

In recent years, there's been a growing buzz around the potential of cannabis, specifically Cannabis sativa L., to help manage chronic pain linked to cancer. This has led to several countries launching pilot trials to…
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Understanding Pain Treatment: Opioids vs. Medicinal Cannabis

As a respected clinic specialising in pain treatment, we understand the importance of finding the most effective approach to managing your pain. Two commonly discussed options are opioids and medicinal cannabis. In this article, we…
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The Origins of Cannabis as a Medical Treatment for Pain

For centuries, cannabis has been used by various cultures around the world for its medicinal properties. One of its most well-known applications is as a treatment for pain. The use of cannabis as a pain…
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