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Cannabis Pain Clinic in London


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Cannabis for Pain

Cannabis-based treatments bring a wide range of health benefits to the patient and help to reduce your current treatments.


Types of Pain

We treat an array of pain types using Cannabis, which include Arthritis, Back Pain, Fibromyalgia and many more.


Why use cannabis

The London Cannabis Clinic was founded solely for the advancement of medicinal cannabis as a pain treatment.


The Benefits of cannabis

Countless scientific studies have shown just how powerful it can be in combatting pain and the problems associated with it.



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One of the world’s most experienced teams

Our team of well-trained and highly experienced practitioners is led by one of the country’s leading pain specialists. Between them, our team has accumulated decades of knowledge in the field of pain management and cannabinoids, with both national and international experience in this branch of medicine.

Medicinal cannabis has been legal for prescription since a landmark ruling in 2018, and since then, we have established ourselves as the leading clinic when it comes to pain management involving its use. While unmerited stigma still surrounds the use of cannabinoids, their safety and efficacy have been proven beyond doubt and they’re gradually becoming a well-recognised method of pain management.

Treatment tailored to you

Living with pain can be an unbearable experience, particularly when you have an ongoing problem that limits your day to day life. Pain can occur for all sorts of reasons, from the sudden onset associated with an accident to an underlying health condition. Whatever the causes of your pain, you shouldn’t have to suffer.

No two cases are ever the same in medicine, which is why we treat each patient who walks through our doors as an individual. We will take the time to get to know you and understand your issues, taking a holistic approach to your treatment. Once we have diagnosed the cause or causes of your problem, we can offer a tailored treatment plan which will help alleviate your pain.

A strong reputation

Ever since the London Cannabis Clinic was established, we have been building a reputation for our expertise and unparalleled patient care. We are committed to bringing medicinal cannabis treatments to a wider audience, introducing more and more people to the incredible benefits such products can bring in the management of pain.

Your safety and health are our main priorities, and we take every step possible to ensure both are safeguarded while you are under our care. Cannabis-based medical products are a clinically proven and highly effective way to alleviate pain, and the vast majority of people find their symptoms reduced when they are prescribed them. The London Cannabis Clinic has a strong track record for good treatment outcomes, with many patients now living pain-free lives thanks to the aid of our staff.

Find out how we can help

If you have any hesitancy over the use of cannabis or are doubtful it will work for you, please feel free to get in touch and speak to a member of the team. Nobody should have to live with pain. We can help, even if you feel you have exhausted all avenues and are losing hope of finding a solution.

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