The benefits of Cannabis

The benefits of Cannabis

Despite its effectiveness as a pain treatment, cannabis still has negative connotations for some people. Medicinal cannabis is far removed from the cannabis sold on the street because it has been treated differently and very carefully converted into safe, effective painkillers. The benefits of medicinal cannabis are becoming more widely known and appreciated, as countless scientific studies have shown just how powerful it can be in combatting pain and the problems associated with it.

Improved quality of life

Pain can often have terrible effects on your day to day life, bringing with it poor quality sleep, brain fog, poor concentration, reduced mobility and depression. Medicinal cannabis can help with pain and all the problems it brings, improving your quality of life no end. By working hand in hand with your body, medicinal cannabis targets the causes of pain and tackles them head-on.

Once your pain is under control, you can start to lead a healthier and happier life. We understand the devastating effect pain can have on an individual, but with effective management, patients can recover and return to their normal, pre-pain lives.

Reduce the need for painkillers

All too often, doctors prescribe powerful painkillers as a quick fix for patients experiencing pain. While they may help in the short term, the body quickly adapts to them and that means they become less efficient over time. As their efficiency wears off, a patient may find they need higher doses to achieve the same effect, which can lead to addiction.

Medicinal cannabis is the best substitute for prescribed or over-the-counter painkillers and has none of the addictive properties associated with street cannabis. By switching from regular painkillers to cannabis-based treatments, you avoid becoming addicted to a prescription painkiller but experience the same painkilling effects.

Treatment tailored to you

Many treatments for pain take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to its management. When you see a specialist working in the field of medicinal cannabis, your treatment programme can be tailored to your specific needs, with products specially formulated for your condition. That means better results than you would see from standard medical treatment.

Medicinal cannabis can help people who have lost all hope of finding a solution. A specialist clinic such as the London Cannabis Clinic should be your first port of call when you’re living with pain because we take the time to shape personalised care packages which deliver the results you need.