Is Medicinal Cannabis Safe?

Cannabis has been used as medicine for thousands of years and more and more people in the modern age are utilising its benefits for mental health, pain reduction and more. However, there are people out there that worry that medicinal cannabis may have adverse effects and don’t properly understand how it works and the benefits it can have.

What is medicinal cannabis and is it safe?

At its core, medicinal cannabis is a derivative of the Cannabis sativa plant which is well known for its pain relief properties. In medicinal cannabis, there is a higher amount of CBD in comparison to THC. CDB is considered safe for the most part. Like all medicine, CBD can have side effects though this is rare. CBD can also interact with other medications, so if you are unsure you should check with your doctor. Overall, medicinal cannabis is considered safe and prescribed by physicians everywhere to help with a number of ailments.

Is medicinal cannabis administered in a safe way?

Only specialists are permitted to dispense medicinal cannabis, which makes it even safer as you can be confident that the dosage matches your needs. When you are prescribed cannabis this can be in a number of forms, such as:

– Oil
– Pill
– Liquid
– Powder
– Dried Leaves

Unlike many other forms of pain relief medicinal cannabis is not a one size fits all solution, at The London Cannabis Clinic our specialist team will tailor your treatments to you personally, which results in more effective and safer pain relief.

Medicinal cannabis is a safe way to reduce pain and certain mental health issues. It is regulated in a way which means the prescriptions are completely safe and your doctor will ensure you are not on any conflicting medications. If you would like to find out more, or come in for a consultation then get in touch with our team today!