Is medical cannabis safe?

In recent times medicinal cannabis has been making a name for itself, both on the high street and in medical practice, as a wonder product to tackle a plethora of health problems. Yet, with the word ‘cannabis’ in it, many people might wonder what this means for aspects such as safety. So, when it comes to medicinal cannabis safety, just how well does this therapeutic type score?

Virtues and uses of medicinal cannabis

Medicinal cannabis has been hailed a hero for treating a wide range of illnesses, many of which have failed to respond to the standard forms of medicines and treatments. In particular, medicinal cannabis has been shown to work well to reduce chronic pain.

While medical cannabis is not readily prescribed by most GPs, in some circumstances it is available by prescription, for those suffering from some forms of epilepsy, MS or nausea caused by chemotherapy, for example.

Mostly, medical cannabis can be obtained online or through private clinics or holistic shops, through a range of products, including oils and food supplements. Because many respected retailers and health practices offer and sell medicinal cannabis to customers and clients, this is a testament to just how safe the product is.

All down to the ingredients

It’s worth understanding that medicinal cannabis is not the same as recreational cannabis. The active ingredients found in medicinal cannabis are different to those found in the recreational type. There are thought to be over 100 chemical ingredients in cannabis. One of these is called tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, and it’s this chemical that is responsible for the high that is a feature of using recreational cannabis.

In medicinal cannabis, the ingredients are tweaked so that THC is much reduced, without causing any of the effects you’d get when consuming recreational cannabis. Instead, there is a much higher content of an ingredient called cannabidiol, or CBD, in medicinal cannabis, and it’s this ingredient that is known for its health-giving properties.

Strict cultivation and production

Although medicinal and recreational cannabis are grown from the same plant, cannabis intended for medical purposes only undergoes a very strict cultivation and production process, to ensure a safe, pure end-product for the user.

Because recreational cannabis isn’t produced in such a controlled and regulated way as medicinal cannabis, it’s hard to know what kind of cultivation and production processes it has been through, making it less safe compared to its medicinal counterpart.

Careful sourcing

While a lot of research is still ongoing with regards to the uses of cannabis for medicinal purposes, for those seeking an alternative treatment to manage a range of conditions, it could be well worth considering. It is said to be safer to take than opiate-based medicines, and isn’t addictive or could cause an overdose, and can be used as an alternative to NSAIDs for those who can’t tolerate these medicines.

However, to ensure that you are receiving a safe, pure medical cannabis product, always purchase from a trusted source or use a respected health practice that has knowledge in this area. If you buy medical cannabis online from an unknown source you don’t know what you’re getting, and safety could be compromised in this instance.