How to get a prescription for medicinal cannabis in the UK

You can now be prescribed medicinal cannabis legally in the UK, but how do get a prescription? In this blog, we explain where to find medicinal cannabis UK residents can rely on.

Is medical cannabis available on the NHS?

You can be prescribed cannabis on the NHS, however, it’s rare and only given out for a handful of circumstances. For example, children and adults with severe epilepsy can be prescribed cannabis to reduce seizures, adults undergoing chemotherapy can be prescribed cannabis to help ease severe nausea and vomiting, and finally, it can be prescribed to help with muscle stiffness in people with Multiple Sclerosis. Despite cannabis being proven to be effective at providing pain relief, it is not currently available to be prescribed as such on the NHS.

Are private prescriptions available?

A medicinal cannabis prescription can also be prescribed from a private provider, such as the London Cannabis clinic, which specialises in using medicinal cannabis to treat pain. Private providers of medicinal cannabis UK based are approved by a specialist register, so you can have complete confidence they’re a trustworthy provider.

How do you get a prescription from a private provider?

To get a consultation you can either be referred by your GP or self-refer, but either way, you’ll need to provide your GP’s details to the clinic so they can liaise with one another and ensure you get the best treatment possible. You’ll also need to let the clinic know if you’re insured or self-funding. Self-referral can be done by calling the clinic’s number or by filling out an online contact form.

At this point, the clinic will send you a questionnaire to complete before your appointment. The details you provide here will allow your consultant to prepare for your assessment. During your assessment, you’ll meet with a specialist doctor and discuss your needs and symptoms and undergo an assessment. After the assessment, your consultant will make recommendations and you can both decide the best path forward together.

How much does medicinal cannabis UK-based cost?

The initial consultation at the London Cannabis Clinic takes 30 minutes and the price is £285, which includes the consultation, assessment and a detailed treatment plan that will lay out everything you need to know, including any costs before you begin your treatment. For more information, get in touch with the London Cannabis Clinic today.