How does medicinal cannabis differ from normal cannabis?

If you’re suffering from a medical condition such as epilepsy, MS or long-term pain, there’s a chance that your doctor has prescribed medicinal cannabis to you. If you’ve only ever heard of the psychological effects of normal cannabis, this might be a concern. Read on to learn more about the differences between medicinal cannabis and normal cannabis, and what makes medicinal cannabis ideal for treating a range of conditions.

What are the differences?

There are a few differences between medicinal cannabis and normal cannabis, but the main one is their THC content. CBD is the relaxant in cannabis, calming you down and providing a numbing sensation, while THC is the active ingredient that causes the “high”. Medicinal cannabis doesn’t contain THC (if it does, it’s usually only a very small amount), so it’s possible to still go about your everyday life while taking it.

Another difference is the method of consumption. There is a wide range of different options for consuming medicinal cannabis, with oils, gummies, patches, creams and a selection of other products available. Normal cannabis, however, is usually consumed via smoking or in food like brownies.

What are the benefits of medical cannabis over normal cannabis?

One of the main benefits of medical cannabis over normal cannabis is its ability to help manage pain. While it isn’t strong enough for severe pain (such as a broken bone or post-surgery), it’s effective for chronic pain. Part of its allure is that it’s safer than opiates (it’s far less addictive) and it can take the place of NSAIDs. What’s more, as it’s usually prescribed by a doctor, you have peace of mind that it’s reliably farmed and processed, as manufacturers work within tight regulations.

In addition to being a safer option than recreational cannabis, you also benefit from avoiding all of the side effects of THC. In addition to providing a high, THC can lead to issues such as paranoia and hallucinations. By removing the hallucinogen element, patients benefit from reduced pain without feeling completely out of it and disengaged.

Try a medicinal cannabis treatment

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