How cannabis can be used to treat EDS

As cannabis becomes a common treatment for a range of medical complaints, especially those involving joint pains and inflammation, the picture is becoming increasingly clear about which problems can be eased with the prescription of medical cannabis.

A range of syndromes which has been becoming more visible and talked about in recent years is EDS. So what is EDS, and can cannabis be used to help treat the symptoms of these sometimes debilitating syndromes?

What is EDS?

EDS stands for Ehlers-Danlos syndromes and refers to a group of rare, inherited conditions which affect connective tissues in the body such as skin, ligaments, tendons, internal organs, blood vessels and bones. They are caused by faults in certain genes that contribute to the weakening of these connective tissues.

Different forms of EDS have a range of different symptoms, but there are some common symptoms that many of the syndromes share. These include:

– Joint hypermobility i.e. an increase in the range of movement in your joints
– Fragile skin that bruises and breaks easier than expected
– Skin that is stretchier than normal

EDS can range in how severe the effects are on the sufferer, but most of the effects of the syndromes involve joint problems and pain, digestive problems, and other nerve and tissue damage. So how can cannabis be used in the treatment of the symptoms of EDS?

How cannabis can be used to treat EDS

Cannabis may not be able to cure EDS, but it has been a great relief to those who suffer from the condition. Medicinal cannabis is often used in cases of long-term and chronic pain, which are often symptoms found in those with EDS.

As well as being an effective form of natural pain relief, medicinal cannabis has large advantages over other prescribed medicine. Cannabis is non-addictive, and therefore perfect for the use of sufferers of long-term pain, as continued use of more addictive painkillers not only leads to more problems further down the road but also tends to quickly get less and less effective as treatment continues.

Another benefit of using cannabis to treat EDS is the relative lack of any side effects usually brought on by prescribed drugs. EDS can at best be mild, but at worst debilitating and disabling, so adding on some of the expected side effects of other painkillers can in some cases make life worse for those taking them.

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