How and when to use medicinal cannabis

Medicinal cannabis has become more and more popular for treating medical conditions in recent years. If you choose to use medicinal cannabis, it’s very important to know exactly how and when to use it, so you can treat your condition in the best way possible. Read on below to find out a little more about how and when to use medical cannabis.

How does medicinal cannabis work?

Medicinal cannabis will have slightly different effects depending on the person, however in most cases, it helps to reduce pain by tackling the root cause – it can also improve things associated with pain, such as poor sleep, mobility issues and loss of appetite. Many of the issues medicinal cannabis is used to treat are long term problems, but it can alleviate some of the pain felt by patients during this period. Research is also currently being conducted into how medical marijuana can be used to tackle other health issues, such as Alzheimer’s disease, appetite loss, cancer, Crohn’s disease, anorexia nervosa, glaucoma & epilepsy, amongst other things.

How to use medicinal cannabis

How you choose to use medicinal cannabis will often depend on the user themselves and the form of medicinal cannabis they are using. Popular ways to use medical marijuana include smoking it, inhaling it through a vaporiser, or eating it (for example, in the form of brownies and other edibles). Other products that have become available recently include lotions, oils & creams, with CBD often coming in a liquid form.

If you aren’t used to using medicinal cannabis, then make sure you ask your GP or a medical professional for advice before using it. If you are thinking of using medical marijuana for those under the age of eighteen, it may be worth trying a CBD liquid or a mild edible, instead of allowing them to inhale the smoke. Reasons to choose medicinal cannabis to treat your pain include improved quality of life, a reduced need for other painkillers (which can become highly addictive) – treatment can also be tailored to the individual.

When to use medicinal cannabis

Most of the time, medicinal cannabis is something that will be prescribed for you – a health professional should be able to advise on whether or not you can use it for your health conditions. There are lots of different health conditions that can be treated with medical marijuana, with it often being used for pain. With the onset of the opioid epidemic, many doctors are concerned about prescribing opiate painkillers to patients, so medicinal cannabis can be a good alternative to more traditional painkillers.

Medical marijuana has to be prescribed, but things such as CBD oils can be purchased from many shops on the high street/online. Health conditions that can be treated by medicinal cannabis include arthritis, back pain & sciatica, neck pain, fibromyalgia and other conditions, such as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) & Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). As previously stated, it is best to contact a medical professional for advice on when/how often to use medicinal cannabis and which form of medical cannabis might be best for you to use.